Reputation Management – The Classic Strategy to Success

The internet has given the power of knowledge to customers. Customers just need to enter your name in the search engine such as Google and they will get information about your business. This information can be in the form of your official website link and/or customer/product reviews. The customers find this information very useful as it aids them in decision making and reducing their risk while shopping. As this information influences the customers in your favor or against you, it can quickly become a major hurdle for your business. Therefore, it is important to manage your online reputation when you are dealing with online public relations.

All business persons realize the power of Word of Mouth (WOM). Just one customer spreading bad WOM about you can ruin any strongly created image built through extensive marketing campaigns. WOM, especially negative WOM spreads like the wildfire spreads in a forest. A customer’s negative posts about your business will surely damage your image; even if it is your competitor pretending to be a customer and using deceitful means to damage your image. In today’s competitive world, image is everything. Therefore, it is essential that you practice reputation management to create a good image.

In order to protect the image and protect themselves from losing their market share to competitors, it is important that the businesses keep a track of their online reputation and work on managing and improving it.

The following are some guidelines that you can use for image and online reputation management:

Find Out Exactly What People Are Saying About You:

Ignoring the problem or pretending it does not exist does not make it go away. Remember, knowledge is power. So, always be knowledgeable about what people are saying about you. In this case, what you do not know may harm you. Only when you are aware that a problem exists would you be able to fix it. You never know you might find good things being said about you which you can share with others and use to your advantage.

Nobody can be perfect. Do not be afraid to find out what is out there. Face your fear and ‘Google’ your name to see what is being published about you. Take in what is good humbly, but, do not react irrationally to any negative comments about yourself. The negative comments will not do much harm as long as you handle them responsibly.
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Handling negative criticism positively may actually win you more customers. Trouble will be increased, if you do not handle negative WOM professionally. You will end up driving customers away.

Respond To The Negative Reviews In A Professional Manner:

Do not give your piece of mind to a customer who has published a negative review about you, even if you feel the review is unjustified. Handle it as a professional. Falling down does not matter as much as it matters how you get up and going. Customers might not react to a negative review, but they will be on the lookout as to how you respond to it.

If someone is trying to portray you as negative or having made a mistake, do not prove him or her right. Remain calm and deal with it professionally. If you will try to take revenge by insulting the customer publicly, the complainant will gain sympathies of potential customers. As a result, your potential customers will avoid doing business with you. You will end up damaging your online reputation.

This is how you should deal with the situation:

If you have made a mistake, admit it and apologize. Even if you have not made a mistake, apologize for inconvenience caused
Show empathy with the customer and make them feel you understand and care
Take steps for fixing the mistake and communicate these steps to the customer
Express your interest to continue doing business with them so that they realize they are valuable to you
All in all, deal with the situation very professionally.

By following these steps, you will build trust not only with the complainant but you will prove to potential customers that you are responsible and trustworthy.

Never Ignore Negative Reviews:

Not reacting at all is not a good way to react. Ignoring the complaints will communicate that you lack care for customers. Ignoring customers will have the same effect as reacting angrily would – you will lose customers.

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